Cheese: Aged Cheddar Cheese

This week I bought Kerrygold‘s Reserve Cheddar: Aged over 2 years.  It is a strong sharp cheddar.  Absolutely fine alone, but if you are not one to eat strong cheeses on their own, this cheese would be lovely paired with ham on a butter biscuit.  Of course this is Lent and for me I am unable to eat it with ham, so, I grated some over steamed asparagus and it was heavenly.

So what is Cheddar Cheese?  First of all it goes back a way, at least to the 12th century were Henry II mentions purchasing 10,000 pounds of it.  There is indeed a village of Cheddar in Somerset Country where it is believed that it was first developed and hence, thereafter taking its name.  But what really makes Cheddar Cheese Cheddar is how it is made.

The term Cheddar comes from the term cheddaring, which a unique portion of making the cheese.  Imagine if you will a large tub of very firm jello (this is the best description of a vat of coagulated cows milk that I can think of) to that vat take a rake of knives raking it as many time until this jello substance is in small pieces.  Then these small pieces are cooked, drained, milled, salted, put into forms and press.  It is then set to age anywhere from 1 month to 12+ years.

I find it fascinating but really all I care about is the taste.  I liked this aged Cheddar Cheese and I hope you do to.

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