First day of Lent and a I thought I would try a simple fish dish.

To Fry Haddock

Gut and wash them clean, Cut the fins on the back close, slip off the skins, turn them round with the tails in their mouths, and fasten them with little skewers, then with a brush put some yolk of eggs on, and strew bread crumbs over them; have a pan of hogs-lard or beef-drippings boiling hot, put them in, and fry them quick of a fine light brown; take them out,and put them on a drainer in front of the fire to drain; put the fish in a hot dish, and garnish with the fried parsley, with anchovy sauce in a boat.

Another way is, scale and gut the fish, wash them very clean, cut them in slices about an inch thick, dry them well in a cloth, and flour them; put a pound of butter into a frying pan, and melt it till it is done hissing, put in your fish, and fry them on both side till they are brown; put them in a dish before the fire to keep hot, and put a pint of boiling water, a quarter of a pound of butter, a spoonful of anchovy liquor, two spoonfuls of ketchup, boil it up, pour over the fish, and garnish with horseradish.
The English art of cookery, according to the present practice: (1788)

To Fry Haddock

Take fresh small ones, gut, and wash them; take off the skin and small bones, sprinkle a little salt on them, dredge them with flour.  Make your drippings or butter boiling hot.  Fry the a little brown.  Lay them round a the dish.  Garnish with crisped parsley.  For sauce, melted butter, with anchovies.
N.B. Do whitings in the same manner, but with the skin on.
The Lady’s housewife’s, and cookmaid’s Assistant: (1769)

I basically followed the second receipt for cooking the fish.  I bought four fillets of Haddock, dredged them in flour and pan fried them in butter.  The sauce is the anchovy sauce found in the first receipt.  The ketchup I used was mushroom.  It turned out to be a thinner sauce then we are used to but it actually complimented the haddock.  I would like to find a thicker form of it so as not to end up all over the plate.

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