Cheese: Cotswold

Cotswold cheese is a Double Gloucester cheese with minced onion and chives.  To give a little information on what a Double Gloucester cheese is, you must know that there is also a single type.  Gloucester is a county on the southwest border of England that borders Wales.  They have been making cheese in this area since the 16th century.  Single Gloucester is made with skimmed milk and Double Gloucester is made with whole milk.  This particular cheese was made by the Clawson company.  Clawson known as “Long Clawson Dairy Limited”  is a 12 farm co-op created in 1911.

John Perkins writes under the title Cheese:

The Double Gloucester is a cheese that pleases almost every palate.  The best of this kind is made from the new, or (as it is called in that and ajoining counties) covered milk.  An infirior sort is made from what is called half covered milk; though when any of the cheeses turn out to be good, people are decieved, and often purchase them for the best coverd milk cheese; but farmers who are honest have them stamped with a peice of wood in the shape of a heart, so that any person may know them.  Every Woman Her Own Housekeeper (1796)

It is a strong hard cheese and the onion flavor compliments it perfectly.  Many sites recommend it for a plowman’s lunch.  A Plowman’s Lunch usually consists of cheese, pickle, butter and crusty bread, at times there is a meat.  I can definitely see why this is recommended.  We ate the cheese with a biscuit which went perfectly together.  I did try it alone but it was too strong for me, however, the rest of my family didn’t mind it on it’s own.

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  1. So, my dear, where did you find this delectable cheese? I’ve seen Huntsman’s, but not this….

    • Believe it or not Safeway is my source right now. By-the-way, Safeway is carrying a different brand of lard now.

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