Cheese: Beemster

I love cheese!  As I grew up the usual cheeses I was exposed to was good old American, cheddar and swiss cheese.  I must not neglect the ever-present Velveeta and Cheese Wiz.  Any other cheese was out of question because cheese costs money and when your child is happy with a chicken nugget as with a nice grilled breast, one does not waste good money.  Now that I am an adult I spend some money once in a while and try out a cheese.

Cheese is just milk with rennet added to curdle it so as to separate the milk solids from the liquids.  No one really knows when cheese was first made.  There are many speculations, like the one where the Shepard took  milk in his drinking skins, when he went to get a drink he found cheese.  Of course, since that time, man has created hundreds of types of cheese and innumerable combinations, not to mention subtleties depending on where it was made, much like wine.  I have made cheese but I am going to leave that to another post when I have made more.  What I want to start doing is trying a cheese each week and let you know what I think and what I did with it.

This week I bought Beemster from what is called The Royal Garden selection.  It is a semi-soft cow cheese with mustard seed.  I was expecting a little mustard flavour to the cheese but instead got a very flavourful smooth cheese without mustard overpowering it.  Beemster cheese is from the Beemster municipality in the Netherlands, that in 1901 a co-op was formed to make this great cheese.  Absolutely great by itself and I would recommend using it for any cheese plate at your next party.

The Beemster site states that it is great for hamburgers, instead I decided to use it with chicken.  I heated a frying pan with a little oil.  Once heated I put in one sliced onion, letting it cook for about two to five minutes.  Lowering the heat, I pour in one cup of beer, then laid boneless chicken thighs on top.  I cooked them for 10 minutes on each side.  Before serving I put slices of the Beemster Mustard Seed cheese on the chicken thighs (about two minutes till melted).  It came out lovely and tasted great.  If you find it at your market, give it a try I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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