Trifling with Pudding

What a whirlwind of months for me.  The holidays crept up on me and I allowed my blogging time to lax.  Of course, I have been cooking but no real historical receipt unless you count my grandmothers.  She would not be too pleased if I called her receipts historical.  Besides all the holiday cooking, I have also been busy working on cataloging all of my receipts and if you could see my receipt book library you would understand why I am still at it.  I am hoping in the spring to start using the catalogue to do some experimenting.

So here I am going crossed eyed typing away as I catalogue each and every thing (not to mention at times cross cataloguing), do I get hungry?  Most of the time they ruin my desire to cook the mundane here at home, but yesterday they inspired me to create.  Odd question: have you every really looked and seen how many pudding receipts there are?  In all the receipt books I have, there are way too many to count.

Here I am wanting pudding and pudding, in the states, is a creamy gelatine dessert.  If you are desirous for a historical receipt that are similar to this type of pudding, better look  under flummery or custard.  So far in my cataloguing, I have found many custard receipts but only a few flummeries.  But this is not about making a historically accurate pudding, so back to my craving…  I decided to make some pudding for dessert but a bowl of pudding did not excite me, it never does.  I don’t mind pudding I just feel it lacks imagination when presenting a dessert.  Please feel free to disagree with me, thats why there are so many receipts because we all have different likes and dislikes.

I looked in my drawers for pudding mixes, yes mixes, I wasn’t that inspired to make it from scratch at 4 in the afternoon for our 5 o’clock dinner.  I decided to make a trifle with pudding but what?  I had some sugar cookies and banana’s so I made what is now a hit at our house “Banana split pudding trifle”.

I made a butter scotch, vanilla and chocolate pudding, separately of course.  I took the trifle bowl and layered sugar cookies, then bananas then the butterscotch pudding, another layer of cookies, bananas then the vanilla pudding, again with the cookies, bananas and then the chocolate pudding with orange marmalade spread thinly on top.

Came out great, although next time I will make it on a smaller scale. Wouldn’t it be nice to have individual trifle bowls? Hmmm, something to look for…now back to cataloguing.

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