Anniversary Dinner

My Parents celebrated their anniversary a little early this year because they had tickets to see Billy Crystal.  They went all out and got front row center seats.  Excited about the night would be an understatement, however, with the cost of the tickets they felt they could not then treat themselves to a dinner out.  That was when I got excited.  You see, I always want to do something for them because they do so much for me.  I offered to make them a nice meal before they head off to the theater.  It took a little prodding because they did not want to put me to trouble…TROUBLE…How could it be trouble, they are my parents and deserve it.  I started them with a squash soup.  The main course was seared scallops with a beurre blanc sauce, oven roasted vegetables, and white rice.  For dessert I made a plum cake.   I made all but the scallops and sauce at home, drove down to my parents who are only two block away.  While they had their soup I seared the scallops and made the sauce.  I timed it perfectly, if I say so myself!  I had the main course plated just as they finished their soup.  While they eat I was able to wash everything up and plate their dessert of plum cake and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.  By the time they were finished the main course, the kitchen was completely cleaned and it was time for them to be off to the theater.  I was not sure how this would work since I have never had to time a meal to fit in before an event but I did it.  I carefully planned out what could be made ahead and how long things needed for prep and for cooking.  Since I was doing it all on my own, in the morning I premeasured and had everything laid out, like I do for shows, so that cooking would go smoother and be less messy.  I know I did not reinvent the wheel but I felt like a winner by the end of the night and glad I could give my parents an anniversary meal to remember.

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