Traveling through the South…Fourth stop…The nitty gritty

“Kiss my grits”, one of my favorite TV sayings.  Now knowing that I should tell you I have been a trailblazer in my family, well, truthfully I just went against the grain.  I am not the rebellious sort but I have done things my own way.  I come from a mainly southern family but where did I go to college my first year?  Boston!  It had its pros and cons but one of my favorite times is when I was busy in my dorm room making myself some grits.  The funny thing is that there really was only one girl living on my floor that knew what grits were.  I had the whole floor wanting some, so I sent them all off for a bowl and spoon, I would supply the rest.  As I scooped them some, many of the girls wanted to know where the cream and sugar were…I was in shock…I had to urge them to just try it with butter and salt.  They had no idea that grits were a part of corn, I guess they thought it was like cream of wheat.  I am so glad that on our travels through the south we found grits abound.  Our next stop, well in truth, the next two places took us to two restaurants that served grits.

We stopped in Savannah.  Ah, the city with spanish moss dripping from the trees, history oozing from the homes and Paula Deen.  When we arrived my mother kept saying, “I want to eat at Paula Deen’s”.  We even inquired, at the Hotel Desk, when the earliest to arrive there so as to get a table.  It was suggested that Paul Deen’s was always busy and we should try another spot.  I wanted my mother’s wish to come true and suggested that we should at least go and look at The Lady and Sons.  We got there and saw no lines.  Excitement filled the car and we even found a parking spot on the street catty-cornered from the restaurant.  The Lady and Sons was unique and I imagine the check in process works for when they have crowds:  you walk to the side of the building, get a ticket with the seating time but we were told to go right in.  It must work like a reservation or those buzzing things you get at other restaurants but since there were no others in line we were allowed to go straight in.  Once seated we were brought a fresh hoe cake and a cheese biscuit.  Both are warm and delicious but the cheese biscuit is fantastic.  We ordered off the menu, although, we could have eaten from the buffet that is offered.   We started with the Fried Green Tomatoes.  The Vidalia relish is what made these the best I have ever had.  I had the Peach BBQ Grouper, my mother had Shrimp and Grits, my son had Savannah Crab Cakes and my dad had the fish special.  My dish had Paula’s cheddar cheese grit cakes.  I don’t know if many of you go to Renaissance Festivals but many of the foods are served on sticks.  The first thing I thought when seeing these is that they would be a perfect edition of “food on a stick” and I would buy it everyday.  These grit cakes were the perfect accompaniment with the BBQ’d grouper.  The asparagus salad was delicious too, although, I would have liked more asparagus and little less of the other vegetables.

August 2009 trip 126Now, I can not tell you how the other things tasted but I could tell by the way the rest of the family ate with gusto that they were enjoying their choices.  I am unsure if the pictures give the best presentation but thought you might like to see the other dishes.

August 2009 trip 125August 2009 trip 127I apologies there is no picture of the crab cakes probably because my son dove into it before we could take a picture.

The waiter was attentive and kept my glass of sweet tea full.  I haven’t mentioned sweet tea, and I would be remiss if I didn’t quickly give an ode to my drink of choice, sweet tea.  As a matter of fact I make a pitcher of it daily, but my sweet tea is never as sweet as I found in my travels through the South.  If you have a sweet tooth order it but if you like only one sugar in you tea…I am not laughing…ok yes I am, one sugar…sorry let me behave myself.  If you prefer to only have one sugar then this is not the drink for you.   As I said, the waiter made sure we were well quenched.  At the end of our meal he serenaded us.  He had a lovely voice.  Overall we loved out time at The Lady and Sons.

The next day we ate at The Pirates’ House, although, no grits, they had a lovely menu and their buffet was nice.  The best part of The Pirates’ House is the atmosphere.  They also give tours, so while your sitting there in comes a group and you learn a little about the room you are sitting in.

That evening we were in Charleston.  A very romantic city, and here I was with my family.  And on top of it all it rained, no let me correct that, it poured all day.  I am definitely going back someday with my husband and hopefully in a less rainy time.  We had dinner at the Hominy Grill.  You walk into an old store front and it you get the feeling of that old time diner with a youthful vigor.  Because of their popularity they only seat you once your whole party is there.  We were waiting on my father who had to find a parking space.  Be forwarned the parking lot is not that big so you may have to search for a place that you can park on the street.  Once seated we were given the menu but that wasn’t enough there is a huge board with all the sides, dailies, and desserts up on the wall.  We were also given boiled peanuts.  This has to be something you have to like from birth.  I was expecting peanuts boiled but firm…what we got was mushy peanuts.  Sorry, but I am not a fan.  My mother and I both had the shrimp and grits…and it the best I have ever had.  My mother had their Buttermilk Pie and loved it.  I will say I will most definitely eat there again.  The wait staff is kept busy but their service is friendly and helpful and the food is tasty and filling.

I had my grits and ate it too.  It was a great trip though the South, and I hope to do it again soon, even hitting some of the other Southern states.  Now I have the fall to look forward to in addition to the  food seminars and lectures I have signed up for.

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  1. Love those grits! I think more Northerners would love them if they knew how to season them correctly.
    Love Always, Mom XOXOXOXO

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