Traveling through the South…second stop…the search for a meal

There are times I wonder how we get things done and am amazed when I am able to accomplish a great deal in one day.  Our next stop on traveling through the South was Atlanta.  We started the day with the complimentary breakfast at the hotel.  Then we headed straight to Stone Mountain.  Glorious place in that it is a granite mountain that has wonderfully unobstructed view all the way around it.  And less I should forget, you take a cable car up to the top where on the way you get a view of the Confederate Memorial Carving.  Our time on the mountain was fun and when we got down to the bottom of the mountain we went and watch the movie on the making of the Memorial.  Finally after completing we wanted to at Stone Mountain we thought we would eat.  There is the Hard Rock Cafe right at the cable car stop but it sold only pizza and hot dogs.  Given those choices we decided we would wait and eat at our next stop since the brochure we had on our destination talked about a place to eat…if we only knew.

Not to keep you in suspense, the next place on our visit of Atlanta was the Coca Cola Museum.  After finding a place to park we headed straight for the museum and purchased our tickets.  We were in the “gotta get in the museum and find the food” mode.  We got inside and looked at the museum map, didn’t understand it fully and asked the nearest staff member…I hope you are following me and already know what happen next…there is no place to eat in the museum, it was the outside cafe across the common and you can’t leave and then come back in. Deep breath, we could do this, keep our mind off food and enjoy the museum.  We did…it is a great museum!  We saw how Coke is made, the advertising through the times, a 4 dimensional film and then we got to try all kinds of Coke products. (There was a great deal more but this is what we saw) The Announcer in the 4D movie, told us his favorite beverage in the tasting room was Beverly .  Everyone headed into the tasting room and looked for it.  The most amusing thing I have ever watched.  People were wincing, but I had to try. I must admit, I didn’t find it horrible but the aftertaste was bad.  I tried all that the tasting room had to offer.  Aquarius was the drink that I liked the most out of all the international beverages.  I then went to the room with the usual Coke products and had a couple of them and the great thing is that on your way out the museum you get to take a bottle of Coke home with you.  Bottled Coke…the best way to have Coke.  I am a Coke person, so I loved this museum.  I filled up on Coke so that when we went to leave around 4 pm, we would not need to eat immediately and could wait till after our last stop in Macon, GA.

I am proud that I have been taught from my childhood many great things at the feet of my parents and grandparents.  One of the greatest besides cooking is loving my fellow man regardless of anything.  I was brought up to believe that I am responsible for how others are treated and that my actions can help or harm.  I remember Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts at my grandmother’s shared with complete strangers who my grandmother didn’t want to be only on the day.  My parents helping others, all year round, giving of time, things and money.  I am proud to be their child.  One specific time was for a young man whose family life was not as kind to him as mine was to me.  My father with other elders of the church we were attending, wanted to give this boy a new beginning while his parents were straightening out their lives.  The beginning was Hephzibah.  My parents have supported this mission and wanted to see the new facilities. It was a beautiful campus and our short visit showed that we were grateful to be just one little part of this much needed compassionate service.

I think we left this last stop at 6 pm.  We had hopes of being to our family’s home in Florida a little after 7 but that was never going to happen now with how far we were and how hungry we felt.  We immediately started looking for a place to eat…Golden Coral was a sign we saw and thought that would meet the needs of this hungry family.  We looked for it and looked for it and finally said forget it and decided the next place would be where we stopped.  The Country Cabinet.  I haven’t been to a dinner like this in a very long time.  It felt like an old time restaurant and reminded me of the cafeteria at a camp we use to attend each year.  I decided I would just eat from their buffet and not wait for something to be made.  Not too bad, but everything was high is fat content.  I mean butter, oil, and fat was abounding.  But they had the old southern standbys that I don’t mind eating…lima beans, black eye peas, corn, beans, fried chicken, sausage and onions, chicken pot pie, collards, mashed potatoes, yams.  I had my plate not of all the items but a little of many and was done.  I think I have mentioned before but I am not a dessert person.  I sometimes will have something but on the whole I prefer the main course and stop there.  The waitress was having none of that.  She was adamant that I have dessert from the buffet and would not let me go till I had something.  There was banana pudding, peach cobbler, stewed strawberries and pudding.  I took about a Tablespoon of each and she was so happy.  I have never had that happen to me before but there you go that is an old fashion restaurant.

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