Timing is everything

I love breakfast but I am not a fan of it in the morning.  I just love the foods that constitute breakfast.  Historically, it took time for breakfast to catch on and what we have now for breakfast is really a modern invention.  Up into the 19th Century, breakfast was on the whole just something to drink and maybe a piece of bread because doctors believed rising and then eating heavily was bad for the humors.  As, with all things, breakfast is not as cut and dry, for you know that not everyone follows the norm.  There are mentions of breakfast being cold foods left over from the night before…and we sometimes do that today.  I have grabbed a cold piece of pizza from the night before.  But Breakfast with eggs, bacon, and such came into it’s own in the 19th century.  With the industrial revolution, many could work longer and stay up longer, so now we have a need for more sustenance to get us through it all.  I sometimes wonder if it is the chicken before the egg scenario.  I mean, was breakfast really already there and a lunch was added or was dinner then supper and breakfast was added?  My great grandfather, a farmer, would get up early work a little then eat a breakfast, work some more have a large lunch and then work more and have a small dinner once the sun went down.  Sounded like he still followed the old way of nothing on rising but having not been into foodways when I knew him (I was 3 when he passed) I must just speculate upon his reasons.  I hear you asking, “What has this to do with timing?”  I am so glad you asked.

Cooking always has to do with timing.  Timing for length of cooking a specific receipt but I am talking about timing so that all the food is ready at the same time.  Like I said I love breakfast food, as a matter of fact I love a full English/Irish Breakfast.  I have been promising my family to make it for them but when you are talking about at least 5 types of meat, eggs, fried potatoes, and bread, you must time it all so that none is cold upon serving.  I know some may be asking, “where is the fried tomatoes?  Where is the fried bread?  Beans on toast?” .  Although, I love all three things, my family doesn’t so I had to choose what to accomplish.

So how did I time it? First, I must tell you I did this in my modern kitchen which is small so I had to check the cooking length for each item before starting. Once done, I started out with turning on the oven and placing three fry pans on the stove top and got them heating.  Once the pans where hot, I started to brown the lamb chops and the breakfast sausage links.  I placed the hash brown patties into the oven, yes I took a short cut not making home made but used frozen this after all was my first attempt.   Turned the lamb chops and started frying the white pudding.  Once the lamb chops were brown I placed them into the oven with the hash browns and also placed in the biscuits.  As they baked, I placed the breakfast sausage links on a low fire.  The white sausage was done so I allowed them to rest on a plate in the microwave which works as a warming oven because it is over the stove and when I have the light on it makes the microwave nice and warm but not hot.  Now, I fried the black pudding and the bacon.  I used thick-sliced bacon which I have found cooks much like English bacon in that it does not crisp like our bacon does. And besides my son does not care for crispy bacon.  I, myself, would rather have it so nice and crispy.  Anyway, back to the meal.  Once both the bacon and the black pudding were done, onto the plate with the white pudding and into the microwave oven.  I quickly, fried the eggs and all came together once the eggs were ready and I plated.

cookery 001Did we eat this for breakfast?  No, I made it for lunch.  Like I said I am not a breakfast time eater, especially something so heavy but yummy!   My family loved it.  I wish we could have this every day but I am not a farmer and I am sure I could never keep the activity up enough for this not to gain on me.

Results:  My estimated timing worked.  Although, the biscuits could have used a little more time in the oven so next time I will put them in with the hash browns…that is if I use frozen…I must try this again but with homemade hash brown potatoes and fried tomatoes.

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