Birthday, Food and a Movie

Gosh, I just don’t know where to start…well, I should first say this week was my birthday and what a glorious week of celebration it was.  No, not a milestone birthday but one in which I was allowed to celebrate in increments and mostly around food.  Went to Lunch with my mom and son on Monday at Galway Bay, an Irish restaurant.  Then on Wednesday my husband took me to a lovely Italian restaurant, Ristorante Tosca.  (He then presented me with the full series of the BBC show Chef.)  Then to top it off a dear friend took me to see Julie and Julia.

No, none of the food was historical but it was delicious and I learned a great deal.  I am one of those people who you probably would love to hit because I can find a lesson in everything…I know it confounds my son.   The movie delighted me!  There are no real differences among cooks, we just want to create masterpieces that delight the eye and enthrall the tongue.  I found the story mirrored my culinary intentions and experiences.  I strive to try new things and see if I have the fortitude and talent to accomplish them.  Julia had the Cordon Bleu and her cook book.  Julie had her blog in which she wanted to completely try all of Julia’s Book.  I have cooking with fire and learning as much as I can about the history of food.  And failures, I have had many, as did the characters of this movie.   One of my favorite scenes was Julie’s meltdown about the size of her kitchen and her home…Julie, I am with you there!  I have that melt down at least once a week…I feel I live in a rabbit hutch, although, I really do love my little cottage.  I too have a long suffering husband who despite my feeding him with lots of buttery treats still manages to stay slim…me I LOVE FOOD and anyone who has seen me can tell.  I laughed when the story focused on Julie being, in polite terms, narcissistic.  Please, what cook isn’t, we down deep feel we are great at what we do…and blogs well they aid in it…but we also want to share.  Julia shared with her school and cook book.  Julie shared through her blog.  I have by teaching and blogging with you.  So, thank you Julie and Julia for sharing and for you who read this little ole blog…THE BIGGEST OF THANK YOUs because without you I am just another cook who is a year older.

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