Smoke in your eyes

I am not sure if I have mentioned in previous blogs that I bought a smoker.  Well, I have but it has just been sitting on the patio after having been put together.  I have been wanting to try it out for the past two months and I finally got to it this past week.  What finally pushed me was that the local grocery store had a sale on turkey legs.  My father loves the turkey legs at the Renaissance festival, so, my thought was I could try out my new toy and give my Dad a treat he really likes.

I decided to first brine the turkey legs.  It is a brine of 1 gallon water, 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup honey and spices.  I used basil, marjoram, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika, pepper, sage, cumin and cinnamon.  I soaked the legs in the brine overnight.  Then in the morning I dried the legs.  I then applied a dry rub of Onion Powder, Paprika, Honey dust, garlic powder, pepper, cumin, basil, marjoram, sage and vegetable oil.  I let the legs sit with the rub for two hours while I got the smoker going.  I used real wood charcoal as opposed to briquettes and wood chips soaked for the same two hours to use for the smoking.

It worried me for a while that the legs would never reach the appropriate temperature because the smoker only ever reached 200 degrees F.  I let the legs smoke for 6 hours, then took one out and used a meat thermometer to see if it reached the 165 degrees F that is recommended for cooking turkey meat.  Well, the thermometer only reached 150 and I was frustrated but I decided to pull a leg out that was further in the back and checked its temperature. Lo and behold it reached 180 degrees F.  I should have let it set for some time before eating but I couldn’t wait.  The flavour was wonderful but it was salty.  I suggest eating the legs with something that counter balances the saltiness.  My dad?  He loved it and I am sure he will want me to make some more.

cookery 001

Result:  For me a little too salty but good.  Next time, I think I will try smoking them without the dry rub or put more honey dust in the rub.  Also, I will rotate the legs to allow the meat to cook at an even rate.

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  1. Not too salty for me. My turkey leg was great! Keep that smoker busy.
    Love, Dad

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