Another Sunday cooking

This past Sunday I did get to cook with my friend Katy at Riversdale.  With all this rain and cool weather it seems as if the produce at the Mansion is less or later in ripening then in past years.  We try, as all the other cooks at the mansion, to use what is produced in the garden.  I planned to make a tart or pie with the raspberries and Currants growing there.  Unfortunately, there were many Currants but few fully ripe raspberries so I picked enough to fill one jelly glass.  I cooked the fruit with an equal amount of sugar and a tiny bit of water.  I let it cook till bubbling then pulled it off the fire and allowed to cool enough before putting it in the jelly glass, which my son had bought me for Christmas.  I hope he is glad that it has finally been used and besides it does look nice on a table.

cookery 044

The garden also has a lot of sorrel.  So in our menu we decided to make a sauce of sorrel and bitter orange juice for fish.  We planked a blue fish stuffed with lemon thyme and set it on the side of the fire to cook.  Blue fish is an oily fish so it roasts quite well.  The oranges we used for the sauce were some left over blood oranges that were quite tart. To make the sauce, the sorrel was chopped up and mixed with the juice of the blood oranges.  Because the juice was so tart we added a little sugar.  What a delightful sauce for the fish. I really want to try different sauces and this was different than anything I had had before.  But, I liked it.

cookery 043

As for the rest of the menu, I brought any produce needed from home.  So here was the menu for the day:

Lamb roast

Blue fish with Sorrel and orange sauce

Potato Balls

Green Peas A LA Bougeoise

Squash soup

The Lamb was slowly roasted in a tin kitchen, or what you might deem a reflective oven.  We stuffed it with rosemary and placed it on the spit.  It was quite tender.  The peas first cooked in butter.  Then with onions and cabbage added, the peas were cooked in a ceramic pot.  I was thinking that the cabbages would cook down and release their water creating a sauce in the pot but after an hour of cooking over the coals found that they cooked but did not release enough water.  Flavourful though the peas were, it was different in that is there ended up being no liquid in the pot with them.  The potatoes were cooked, mashed with butter, a tiny bit of cream, and two eggs, formed into balls and cooked in a small biscuit oven.  They came out lovely.  Since we ran out of time I took the remainder home and cooked the lot in a casserole which work just as well as making them into balls.

cookery 036

The last thing I want to talk about, which ironically was the first thing made, is the soup.  Although I found no receipt to follow for squash soup in the in the 18th C., I have found one in the late 19th C.  We took a butternut squash and cut it into chunks along with carrots and potatoes.  While doing that we fried some onions in the boiler with butter.  Once both parts were completed, we added them together in said boiler with enough broth to cover and some thyme.  Boiled until all was soft and then mashed the heck out of it with salt and pepper.

cookery 033The Day was grand and we completed all that we had planned save the Tart but the preserves was a good back up.  A few people stopped in to see what we were making-we always hope for more but are grateful for those who do support the kitchen guild.  I felt quite proud that Katy and I were able to get all done.

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