Victory Garden, slightly

This year to supplement my fresh food, I am putting in a small vegetable garden.  Yep, I know I am running a little late in starting but I figure if I at least start and use plants instead of seeds I should be alright for the harvest of beans and lettuce.  I will also put in eggplant and squash plants.  I already have tomatoes in pots so they are busy growing.  I am trying out the “Topsy Turvy” tomato planter, you know the one you see on T.V. that grows the plant upside down.  No real difference yet in the plant from the others in plain pots but we will see.  If it works well this year, I may get a couple more to grow on either side of the outside doors with tomato, squash or eggplant…they say all will work.

Like I said, I am late in planting and I am doing this slowly because the vegetable garden is a box garden.  I hope to eventually have 4 5’x5′ beds, so this year is the first 5’x5′ bed.  I will add a picture to this post once I have the box filled with dirt and planted.

The artichoke and cardoon I planted last year was a half success, in that the artichoke died but the cardoon came back, and in my cataloging I have found several receipts for cardoons, so I am hoping for a good harvest of some.  The elderberry bushes also came back, as did the rhubarb.  I have added to the side hill of strawberries and have had a couple produce already this spring.  I dream of a hill side of strawberries to cook with.  My green thumb is getting a brighter shade of green and giving my spoon holding hand anticipated delights.

As to the process of cataloging the receipts, well that sort of got put on the side for a while.  I do hope to work hard on it for the next week, especially sitting in the back yard amidst my growing gardens!

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  1. The commercial for the “Topsy Turvy” tomato planter was interesting, but I’m leery of buying stuff from TV infomercials. I Googled instructions on how to make one myself, and found a few good websites I came across and thought I’d share. If it doesn’t work well I am not out the 20 bucks.

    • I agree with purchasing things off the TV…buyer beware! I luckily found it at the local Super Market for $7 and thought for that price I can try it out without damaging my wallet. But thanks for the links! If it all works and the plant grows better then the planter ones, I may try making one myself.

  2. You are making me hungry!!! 🙂

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