Bakers Envy

This weekend was the annual Market Fair at Fort Frederick in Big Pool, MD.  I just love walking down the road to the Fort because as you come to the end of the tree line there spread out before you are tents, tents, the Fort itself and more tents.  I love going from tent to tent looking for bargains and some new finds.  I always go for two days because you never seem to see everything the first day.  However, I did only buy on my first day shopping, a nice new large earthenware pot from the Common Ground Pottery.  I can’t wait to use it because it is large enough to jug a small hare in!

I was glad to see a friend, that I made while up in Main two years ago at the Kneading Conference, had set up shop at the market.  Regina and her husband Michael own and operate the Blue Hen Bakers.  They bring a lovely clay oven to the site and bake right there.  I was so glad to see them and I got there just in time to get a sausage roll straight from the oven.  It was just the thing with its moist sausage surrounded by a sweet wheat bread.  They also had many kinds of cookies to choose from, my husband chose an oatmeal.  (I can’t wait to have my oven up and running, but for now I must wistfully watch)  From there I went on to visit one of the best shops for colonial culinary ingredients, Deborah’s Pantry.  I was hoping to get the chocolate pot that she offers but she has already sold out of that item.  Drat!  I will be looking for it in the fall when she hopes to have in a new shipment.  I looked for Iron spits but the only ones I found were square rods not round…what blacksmith though square work for a spit is beyond me.  Now I do have two sets of square ones which to be honest work for me when I am cooking alone but I am wishing to try a slow continuous turning of the spit to see how it works differently then from the turning the meat spit one quart turns ever so often to roast a nice piece of meat…ah well!

I am currently cataloging all the reciepts from the many books I have acquired of the years in hopes of compairing the reciepts and having some experiements to do this summer.  So, I return you to what ever you were doing and I am back to the books after a great weekend.

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