Easter Bunsy

Family get togethers are always full of fun and food.  Both my husband’s and my families have get together quite often and not just for holidays.  Not surprising yesterday was a holiday and a get together with my husbands family.  Even though it is with my husbands parent I was lucky my parents were able to join us, so, I didn’t have to worry about two dinners in one day.  Anyway, at most events we are mainly assigned a dish to bring but this year my mother-in-law said to bring what we wanted.  I took a dish I have made for them many times which is a tomato mozzarella casserole, however, I wanted to bring something Eastery, and I had a new recipe for hot cross buns.  I got up on Sunday and made them so they would be hot when I got them to the dinner.  Well, the recipe was too dry to start off, meaning I could not get the dough the right consistency at the flour to liquid ratio the recipe had so I added more liquid…finally it was right.  Once risen, the dough made 15 nice size buns.  I set them to rise the second time and made the dough for the cross, Pipped it on, buttered them, then into the oven they went.  They cook fine.  They didn’t look the way the recipe represented but they tasted fine.  They were a little dry for my taste, so I made a cinnamon butter to spread on them which was a perfect mate to these buns.  Once at my in-laws family members started to eat them and to my surprise no one seemed to think they were too dry and they seem to like them.  Maybe I am just too critical of my own cooking.

Hot Cross Buns

Result:  They were ok for me but I will not be using this recipe again.  But I will be making the cinnamon butter again for other breads.  Mmmmm…I love cinnamon!

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  1. The hot cross buns were delicious and not too dry at all. The cinnamon butter was delicious also and a perfect addition to the buns.

    Love Always,
    Dad & Mom

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