Winter Works

I have been busy with so many things this winter that I keep forgetting to write.  In my fervor to have cooking implements that fit the historical receipts I want to try out, I took a ceramics class.  Yep, I put aside cooking for a while.  With the weather the way it is, cooking outside has become near impossible (drat that I don’t have a fireplace in my home).  So I signed up for a class to learn to make my own bowls, pots and other things.  Am I good at it?  Far from…I definitely had a patient teacher and I think I even challenged her.  I am so far from being a good artist in this field but I am at least a good student.  I tried hard and I did make a couple of things that I am proud of.  I learned one thing, I am good at making handles…thank goodness I knew how to milk a cow because it is the same hand motion.  So, yep I made bowls and I made a couple of creamers but I am proud of my small but cute tea pot.  I even challenged myself and the teacher and brought in a picture of a chafing dish (there is a image of one at the Museum of London)  Since I had no idea what size to make it, the teacher took some guesses and directed me.  I can’t believe I made one!  So, here it is:


I will put more pictures up on flickr with some of the other things I made.  There will also be on with a pot setting on top of the chaffing dish, so, you can see how it works.  Have I used it yet?  No, I am waiting for the weather to cooperate here before I head outside to get to cooking, but I am hoping it is soon!  Let me know what you think of the chaffing dish and I will test it soon to  let you know how it works out.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated too!

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