Day at the DC cooking Symposium

My mother is one of those moms who searches the web and finds things that she thinks her loved ones would want to know about.  This past late Spring my mom sent me an e-mail about the Washington D.C., Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show that was to happen in November.  She was also excited that there would be special guest speakers like Paula Deen and Giada De Laurentiis (we did not know about Bobby Flay at the time).  We decided we would go see Giada.  One of my nephews watch Giada’s cooking show and we love to keep track of how many times she says “Creamy”.  I think that is her favorite texture in cooking.

On Saturday, November 8, my mom and I drove down town to the Washington Convention Center.  We had an easy time of it.  My mother the planner, even check on a web site were all the handicapped parking is so we would not have to search.  Well, this show must be really popular because almost every handicapped parking spot was taken and those that weren’t were for only 2 hours (that is a whole other rant that you do not need to hear)  any way we found a parking lot that was really convenient and away we were.  Everyone walking around us was going to the show and we all chattered what we were excited about and why we were attending.  I think many were taking aback with my background of Early Modern Cookery but was intrigued at the same time.

Once in the show, many of the vendors were food, so, we did alot of taste testing.  And to that we went to a couple of small lectures, the first on Chocolate.  Now in History we know that chocolate comes from the Central and South American regions and that they did not eat it the way we do with milk and sugar, well this lady’s talk was simple and to that direct point.  Then we got to eat the chocolate that she makes and to my wonderment she makes candy in some of the flavours that would not be alien to our 18th century ancestors.  I was so excited, because I thought how wonderful to be able to buy chocolate that would give the 18th century flavour without my having to make tons of the drink but let my audience partake of pieces that would give them the same experience flavour wise.  To my shock, I can’t afford one box of the stuff…ah well, at least I could dream.

Because my mom bought tickets for Giada’s presentation we were able to meet her and get her autograph.

125Yep, that’s me and Giada.  Let me tell you she is the nicest person…I tend to think of people on TV as performers who are that way for TV but no, Giada is exactly as she is on her cooking show, and as beautiful as well.  By-the-way she said creamy 5 times during her presentation.

Before Giada’s presentation, the woman who organized this event gave a small cooking demonstration from her book for small kitchens and her special guest was the Geico Caveman…yep, it was a recipe that even a caveman could do.

With all the vendors, did I buy anything, I hear you asking…well, sure, I bought some Cardamon tea!  I drooled at stuff mainly.  What else did we do?  Well, we saw the chef cooking competition and tried some of what they cooked, Yummy.  And we went to a couple more small lectures but the last one ended the day just right for me.  It was on cooking Game.  The chef talked about different wild game and where one could purchase some…well, actually his sponsor was the place you could purchase game from.  Anyway, we got to try several different pate’s and we learned several ways to dress fowl.  We ended the day there and walked back to the car tired but excited about what we had seen and tasted.  All in all a wonderful day and I am looking forward to next year.

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