Too expensive to cook healthy!

I spend almost every Wednesday grocery shopping with my mum, which works well for us both.  Today is that day, and what a day it was.  The reason being that the grocery store was busier than it ever has been on a Wednesday…no blizzard or hurricane predicted, but busy as if one was coming plus my shopping total came as a big surprise.

As I am getting older, I have decided to eat healthier and make sure that my husband who is aging 6 months faster than I is healthy too.  So in this new way of thinking I planned menus for the next three weeks and created shopping lists so that I don’t “spend excessively” on junk.  Think it help?  Well, to an extent it did.  That is I kept to the list but ended up spending more on food then I ever have on a weeks grocery.  You are all probably feeling the same way, with the economy the way it is, but I swear I think it’s because healthy food is expensive…how does this world expect people to slim down and eat healthier when the cost is unbelievable.  Ok, I know it really is not only the food one needs to be healthy and slim, and I do want to make an effort in what we intake but I am unsure I can cook healthy if it is going to be this way every week.

I think, “Wow, to have enough land to grow the stuff I would want and need like our ancestors did” but then I remember that they did not have the convenience of freshness.  They relied on seasonally access with storage in a much different many then we would accept.  On the other hand they only really cooked what they had and I am creating menus that have me wanting so many different things that I would need a great deal of land to have them…like I looked every where in the store for fresh Figs…in season but not in the store.  I guess I am going to have to re-think the “Fresh” need vs. can I use canned, jarred or dried and get the same effect or spend some time finding fresh markets near me.  Lots to think on and work on….let you know how this works with being healthy, creative and historical in my menus for my families’ meals.

I hear some of you asking….will you be cooking in the Historical kitchen you have been working on all summer?  Not yet, because it’s not complete but a portion of it is ready, so, I promise soon…

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  1. I agree 100%!! I hate going to the grocery store spending a ton of money on food that doesn’t even taste good!! Grr!! 🙂

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