The real Dinner Impossible or Fire and Rain

So, I spent this past weekend cooking at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  I had such high hopes and a wonderful menu planned.  But mother nature wanted to make me work for it.  I woke up to rain on Saturday.  I headed out to the festival at 6:30 so as to get there in enough time to get the oven heated up to bake.  (for those of you who understand the need to pre-heat the oven days ahead will be pleased to know that I did go the the site and heat the oven both on Thursday and Friday).  Yes, the wood was wet and to be honest they were larger pieces then I would have liked but that was ok, wood will burn no matter the size.  Ideally, pieces of wood approximately 1″ to 2″ in diameter are preferable to heat an oven.

Once there, I started fires in the oven and outside of the oven on the cook top so as to begin boiling the broth for the orange sauce and water to boil the chicken.  I even started frying up onions to make an onion tart and then the heavens opened with a deluge that immediately put the fires on the cook-top out.  I started to worry for I did not have any cooking vessels large enough for the chicken I had, so, I improvised.  When I say improvised, I mean I cheated.  Yes, I broke down and cooked the chicken in aluminum foil.  I know what your thinking, “WHY?”, to be honest I just wanted to get out of the rain because the kitchen does not have a covering to keep me dry.  Think I am joking…

Yes, that’s me with an umbrella.  Even with the umbrella there was so much rain that by the end of the day I was wet even through my stays.

Sunday, I woke to less rain, and even a promise that the rain would hold off till later but to be sure I changed my menu to reflect total oven cooking.  I luckily have some wonderful ceramic pieces.  I made the entire dinner in the oven.  The rain did not hold but through quick thinking of a my dear friend who plays the Simplest/midwife we rigged a blue tarp (again not historically accurate but definitely better then standing in the rain once again).  I even was able to give my cooking show on how to make sausages/puddings.  Well attended even with all the rain.  Just to let you know Sunday’s Menu: pottage of root vegetables with pork, salad of spinach leaves, cheese, bread, pears in a red wine sauce, and a compote of dried fruit served over an orange pound cake.

I would pray that the person cooking this following weekend has a better time of it and I never again will have to stand in the rain to cook…well, at least not unless the pay is better.

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