Busy Summer

Busy, busy summer, and yet not over so still very busy. I just wanted to update you on what I am doing. My back yard garden is looking so nice even in its petite form but I am using the herbs.

I have completed the base for the oven and believe all will be accomplished in the next two weeks if sewing does not interfere. Yes, sewing is my other obsession. I usually balance both cooking and sewing evenly but I am so lucky that my nephew has found the woman of his dreams and she has asked me to make her bridesmaids dresses so that is what I am spending the majority of my time on. And when I am not on the dresses, I am working hard to complete the outdoor Kitchen.

And for the latest news…I will be a guest chef at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on September 27 & 28. So if you find yourself in Maryland on that weekend come see me it would be nice to meet other historic food enthusiasts.

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