Not cooking but gardening!

Alright, I am not cooking…well, at least not right now. I am so busy that I haven’t had a chance to actually cook anything historic save bread. I do try to make fresh bread a couple of times a week but it really depends on whether the family eats it fast enough or not.

So, why am I not cooking, well, I am gardening. It’s all related to food consumption, right? For me, it is! I am busy trying to make my yard, both front and back, from washing away but also have it productive. We have had so many torrential downpours that my yard it literally washing away. I have to save it some way and what better way then to plant things that are both useful and nice to look at. I am mixing historical plants in with native plants of the area. Well, to be honest, my husband is the native plant nut. He is enjoying making our yard a little oasis….I am enjoying growing herbs and edible plants. We both are enjoying finding plants that will hide the next door neighbors yards!

So what are we planting? I am glad you are so curious. This weekend we were lucky to spent it in Williamsburg. We are so enamored with the gardens throughout the city. So, we bought some new plants from the Williamsburg garden: 2 raspberry bushes, a cardoon, an artichoke and a new rosemary. To let you all know I love rosemary and we have sorta dubbed our little home “Rosemary Cottage”, so I tend to buy rosemary bushes a lot.

I have the usual culinary herbs: rosemary, chives, oregano, thyme, tarragon, both savories, several mints and balms, and sage. I have some fruit plants: 3 grape vines, 2 elderberry bushes, 4 different lettuces, strawberries and rhubarb. Then there are many other plants, both medicinal and ornamental: a few inkberry bushes, an bayberry bush, several boxwood, tansey, angelica, lovage, borage, germander, yarrow, mandrake, lady’s bedstraw, lots of lavender, sweet william, queen ann’s lace, and foxglove, but these are just some. We also are planting coverage/creeping plants: phlox, myrtle, mosses and such.

We are hoping that we can keep the yard from ending up in the neighbors. Our next adventure in the fight for the yard is to build it back with a retaining wall and preping the earth for turf…that is if we can afford it…well, I am off to work…I will keep you all updated on the gardens. Maybe I can get a few pictures in, but what I can’t wait for is harvesting…lets hope the birds don’t eat all the berries or the squirrels uproot any more plants.

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