Ugli Fruit


I came across this fruit in the grocery store. Ugli Fruit is a hybrid created from a tangerine and a grapefruit. They are grown in Jamaica where it is pronounced “Hoo-gly”.

Although, not an historical food, I really wanted to try it. I brought it home and served it with dinner. I cut it in half length wise and found it had a thick pithy outer skin with large sections of meat. It is a very juicy citrus fruit. The skin of each section is thick but is not a problem to peel away. Peeling away the skin, I popped the piece in my mouth and found it has a nice flavor — at least at first.  Within moments of chewing, you find it is quite tart but pleasant, if you like tart food. I would equate this fruit to sweet-tarts. The family ate it up and we decided that although we probably won’t purchase it again, we would, if offered, eat it for it was a good fruit.

Go try it…be adventurous! Let me know what you think! Remember: Feed well upon life and eat heartily!

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  1. That is one UGLY fruit, Ha Ha. We would love to have it served to us in Jamaica!

    Love always,
    Dad & Mom

  2. Ugly fruit has been around for a very long time. I’ve tasted it’s flavour here in the states about 20 years ago. Liked it then, but don’t know if I’d like it now. It’s great used instead of lemons in a receipt.

  3. Hi Aunt Dory!!

    I’m ready to try the UGLY fruit! 🙂
    I love fruit…but I’m not sure how eager the boys would be to try it!

    I miss you guys!!


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