Sausage Show

After several years of giving a 9 week cooking course/show at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, do I have any video of my cooking. No! Was it because there were no videos during Henry VIII time? Well of course there wasn’t but No, it is because this family of mine didn’t own a video camera. However, due to my few but loyal fans, I have received pictures….many pictures. Thanks to them and to my son’s love of making movies, I now have my sausage show on film…well, a reduced version. The sausage show was probably my most loved and attended show next to the one on Libations. I hope you all enjoy it. This show was not intending to sound adult but no matter how I tried it came across as adult. You try and use the appropriate terms and it not come out bawdy.

Since the end of my show 3 year ago my son has since purchased a video camera and promises not to let my work go unfilmed from now on…bless him!

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Ugli Fruit


I came across this fruit in the grocery store. Ugli Fruit is a hybrid created from a tangerine and a grapefruit. They are grown in Jamaica where it is pronounced “Hoo-gly”.

Although, not an historical food, I really wanted to try it. I brought it home and served it with dinner. I cut it in half length wise and found it had a thick pithy outer skin with large sections of meat. It is a very juicy citrus fruit. The skin of each section is thick but is not a problem to peel away. Peeling away the skin, I popped the piece in my mouth and found it has a nice flavor — at least at first.  Within moments of chewing, you find it is quite tart but pleasant, if you like tart food. I would equate this fruit to sweet-tarts. The family ate it up and we decided that although we probably won’t purchase it again, we would, if offered, eat it for it was a good fruit.

Go try it…be adventurous! Let me know what you think! Remember: Feed well upon life and eat heartily!

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