I promised at least a month ago to tell you how the persimmon jelly comes out. Well, it took me a while to get to it and I am so glad I let them ripen. I took three persimmons (about 1 1/2 lbs) and peeled them. Wasn’t hard to peel them. The peels sliced off extremely well. They reminded me in the fruit and in the peeling of nectarines. Ok, so I was curious because in my research I found that the Japanese eat them like an apple, I tried a little. When they say the fruit is astringent, believe them. My tongue felt dry and I needed some water. I so hope it is easier on the tongue with sugar in it.

I then mashed them to a pulp and added 3c sugar, stirred for 3 minutes and let set for about 10 minutes. In the meantime I put together liquid pectin and 1/4 c lemon juice, stirred that also for three minutes. Once the persimmon pulp mixture had set for the required minutes I added the pectin mixture. You guessed it, I stirred for 3 minutes. Magic number for this recipe…probably because it is not a cooked jelly. After all is stirred, I placed the jelly in freezer jars (about an inch from the top. Luckily these bell jars have a marking for freezer use). I used 4 oz. jars so I could share with more people. You can use bigger jars if you just are making for yourself. I put the lids on and let stand for 12 hours.

This jelly is not water sealed so does not stay out of the fridge or freezer. Unopened the jelly will last about 6 months in the fridge. In the Freeze they will keep for a longer period. So, what does the Jelly taste like…I am going to leave that to my taste testers and let them give you their thoughts.I’ll give you an update as soon as I have tried my jelly on a few people. There is 12th Night to get ready for…I’ll serve it to my guests.

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season and are looking forward to a New Year. I am, I have many things planned to try and then share with you all. Here is to a glorious New Year and always remember to Feed well upon life and Eat heartily!

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  1. We are looking forward to trying your persimmon jelly.

    Love always,
    Dad & Mom

  2. Aunt Dory thanks for the jelly! I’m sorry we forgot to take it home with us but Mom Mom said she is going to freeze it for me ~ which is perfect because that way I will be able to serve it in my kitchen once it is ready next month!! 🙂 xox

  3. Yummy! We had our persimmon jelly last night and it was delicious. A very mild sweet and citrus flavor. Had to have more with bread for a snack today and you can be sure it will be on our dinner table tonight. The only thing we would change is that the 4oz.jar be 8oz. next time.

    Love always,
    Mom & Dad

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