Life and the Picnic

I have been promising to blog about our picnic at Williamsburg that happened last Sunday, but life or should I say work got in the way this week. I have a few minutes in another busy week to let you know about being at the Grand Illuminations.

We have been going to Williamsburg for more then 10 years now to start the Christmas season off. They have a wonderful evening celebration with music and fireworks. Each year more friends and family join us. This year one of John’s bothers, his wife and daughter joined in with John’s two sisters, husbands, and child who have been coming for a couple of years now. What a crew! The Grand Illuminations is a popular event, so, we set up camp by 3:00 on the goal side of the capital so to have a good spot and so that we we can see the fireworks that are simultaneously shot off at the governor’s palace and the magazine. When I mean camp, I mean chairs, tables, blankets, and coolers…passersby are always asking if they can join up.


My favorite thing to do is to cook for people and watch them enjoy what they are eating. The picnic is one of the times I get to cook for John’s family. Some years I make the picnic a substantial meal and other times I have made it a lite snack…this year I chose somewhere in between. Before we left for Williamsburg, I boiled eggs, made the chicken salad, spinach spirals, crab tarts and potato salad. The spinach spiral is puff pastry spread with a mixture of spinach, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, and eggs…rolled, sliced and baked. The Crab tarts are easy…just lump crabmeat, eggs to solidify it with the cream, finely chopped celery, onion and old bay. For the chicken salad I fried thin slices of chicken breasts, once cooled-sliced them into strips then mixed it with mayo, finely chopped celery, and onion. (I served it on potato bread rolls with lettuce). My potato salad is an egg potato salad but no pickles!

Luckily, in our room at Williamsburg, we had a microwave which was great so I was able to warm up meatballs with the sauce made from chili sauce and apricot jelly. I put together the chicken sandwiches, because to have made them at home would have caused them to get soggy. I made deviled eggs and ham spiral sandwiches. The ham spirals is made on tortillas spread with a mix made of cream cheese a little apricot jelly and chopped dried apricots layered on top with thin sliced ham, and sliced white American cheese, roll, chill for a hour then slice.

The picnic also had, nuts, vegetables with ranch salad dressing, chips and bread & cookies from the back shop in Williamsburg….John’s sister made some chocolate chip cookies that was just right. We had a wonderful picnic despite the on and off drizzle. The Fireworks was the best we have ever seen at Williamsburg. It was a grand start for the season. I send you the warmest Christmas greetings and until my next blog….Feed well upon life and Eat heartily!

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