Left Overs and More

Well, thanksgiving is over and many of us start to get creative with our left overs. There is the plethora of turkey sandwiches with any number of combinations of left overs placed on it. Not for us…we barely have any turkey left over because our family get-togethers are not small and most of the grandchildren are boys who love meat. So, with the little turkey that I have, I am making the proverbial casserole with stuffing topping, because although there is not much turkey, I have a tremendous amount of stuffing. My stuffing is made with sausage and apricots, a sorta sweet and savory. So, in combination with the turkey it will prove to be a filling dinner.

In my putting together of the casserole, I looked in my vegetable bin and remembered that I had some Salsify to cook. I had been looking for the right unique receipt to use the salsify in but all I came across was to cream them. To tell you the truth I just wasn’t too sure how that would be. You may not know but salsify is also called the oyster plant, so if I was going to cook it, it should be tonight with the stuffing. I say that because a lot of people I know like to make oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving and if the salsify tastes like oysters then bring it on.

(I took some pictures to help you see what they look like.) Salsify reminds me a great deal of parsnips in their shape but with many more root tendrils. I peeled them, cut them up, and boiled them with some vinegar to keep them from turning black. Once soft, I drained them and gave them a rinse in warm water. Then, using a hand mixer, I added cream and beat them like I would potatoes. The texture is fibrous and will mash more like cauliflower then potato. It lives up to its name as the oyster plant because that is exactly how they smell. However, their taste is less like oysters and similar to mashed cauliflower which I tend to use as a substitute for mashed potatoes.

Result: Fantastic! A new vegetable to play with that I don’t mind the taste. So, if you ever get to try salsify, do…Hmmm, I bet they would be great roasted with other root vegetables. Now on to the persimmons….

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  1. Our wonderful daughter, we’ve tried everything you’ve cooked, but the salsify is too weird for our taste. It is a very unusual and strange vegetable. Keep cooking and informing us of the usual and unusual foods that we have available to us.

    Love always,
    Mom & Dad

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