Thanksgiving is a week long process for me. There is the shopping then the preparation, finally Thursday comes and the first Thanksgiving dinner. First Thanksgiving dinner you ask? Well, I attend the actual day of Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. Then the last day of Thanksgiving is dinner on Sunday with my family. It got me thinking in all this preparation and the many readings sent to me up to the day of thanks, what are our families’ traditions and where did I get my love of cooking.

My mother’s father’s family came from Buck Valley in PA. One of the traditions each year is to make apple butter. They pick all the apples in the orchard on family property that has been in our family for 200+ years. They cook the apples in a large cast iron kettle. It is a long days process but boy is it beautiful and tasty. So, of course the apple butter is served on the Thanksgiving table. 002.jpgMy family enjoys the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, and dinner rolls, then there is my mother’s special pineapple jello salad and sweet potatoes. The joke at our house is that it is not Thanksgiving without burning the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes. She didn’t bun it this year probably because the broiler was on the fritz. The finale to our dinner consists of pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie. Sometimes, someone becomes adventurous and makes something special, like this year my soon-to-be niece treated us to peanut butter brownies and a peach spice cake, both of which were a perfect addition.

My husband’s family has most of the same things…of course not my mother’s jello salad and their stuffing is different. In addition, they offer mushroom green-beans, rice and ham. The desserts is really were our family’s differ, my husband’s family likes cookies and cheesecake.

Now that all the official dinners are over, there is the leftovers. I learn to be creative and probably because of the rich background of tastes that I come from. I revel in seeing that my love of cooking is passed through the family and that we have a tradition of cooking together and then eating together.

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  1. Thanksgiving was wonderful. The food was great, but the best part was being with you and the rest of our family. Your stuffing and pumpkin pie was delicious. Thanks to all the work you and Tracy did, our Thanksgiving dinner came together so beautifully.

    We give thanks for our wonderful family.

    Love always,
    Mom & Dad

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