Sausage Sunday

What a beautiful day to cook. This particular weekend had been set aside to do sausage making. Throughout history this time of year would be the butchering time, hence a great time to demo sausage making. I have made sausage many times but it has been two years since I have indulged in it. My cooking partner, Katy, although having never made sausage came prepared with a receipt to try. Our first batch of sausage was a simple pork with herbs and spices. Katy brought some rosemary fresh from her garden and I clipped some sage fresh from the house garden. Katy finely chopped these two herbs while I ground some long pepper with mace. This was all added to the ground pork with the addition of salt and cayenne pepper. Katy, who has never had the honor of pressing sausage in my press, got to try it out. We used pork casings or pre-cleaned intestines. She had no idea the arm strength need to make this common household staple. I knew what I was in for but had forgotten how tired it was going to make me. This is why I always used a man to press the sausage during my cooking show.


Once we finished with that batch of sausage, we hung them to cook over the fire. As they cooked we started a second batch with a receipt from “The Art of Cooking: composed by the eminent Maestro Martino of Como” an early 1800’s cookbook from Italy. The sausage was a receipt titled “How to Prepare King of Meats with Pork of Young Veal”. Well we used both pork and veal. The receipt calls for spices, nothing specific so we added thyme, marjoram, coriander, and savory. After that was all mixed we added eggs and cheese then boil it. The receipt says to hang it to smoke after boiling but we ran out of time. (we have only 3 1/2 hours to demonstrate)

Before we began the sausages, Katy found cardoons growing in the garden and decided to cook some. So she cut the stalks, then trimmed them and boiled them in salty lemon water. The cardoons looked like really large celery but it is really an artichoke. Once fully cooked she dressed the cardoons in butter, lemon juice and cheese. It tasted great, the flavor was similar to the artichoke but the texture was like the celery. So if you like those aspects in a vegetable the cardoon is for you.

Now, I always cook something to have for dinner when I get home. That way I don’t have to cook after spending time cooking all day. I was thinking of cooking a chicken but saw a small turkey this morning and went with that. I decided that since our cooking time had been reduced and I picked the largest of birds to cook that I should use the tin kitchen. Boy what a great decision. I cooked a 10 lb turkey in 2 hours. I basted the bird with butter. Since it cooked so fast I was worried it would be dry, but no when I sliced it, it was just right.

The day went faster then we expected. We had a great time and tried something new. We would love to spend more time together and cook some vegetation we have not tried before, but we promised ourselves to take a little of these two items home and see what happens. What new vegetation you ask? Well, it is medlars and salsify. I will let you know what happens with them next time, so until then…Feed well upon life and Eat heartily!

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  1. When we see what it took to put a 18th century meal together it makes us appreciate that we live in the 21st century. Thanks for have us for dinner. Everything was delicious and the cardoon was something we had never had. You never stop teaching us new and interesting things about food.

    Love always,
    Mom & Dad

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