Friday Game Night


Well, tonight I was so excited to get to see my nephew play football. It’s his senior year and probably the last game for him, so, my mom, husband, son and I decided to go. I knew it was going to be cold so I decided to make home made hot chocolate to take with us. Having had plenty of disasters making it straight in a pan, I wanted to try something different. I know there are plenty of you who have burned the milk trying to make homemade hot chocolate. Wanting a better method, I decided to use my new double boiler. It is a lovely copper bottom pan with a ceramic top pan and it worked! I melted a nice amount of chocolate bars in the pan then added the milk. Mmmmmm, creamy and delicious. When the other nephews, who joined us, tasted it they said they could tell it was homemade. I hope that meant they liked it!

The game was during dinner, and not knowing what the concession stand would have, I decided to make a stake sandwich for us all. I fried up some onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms, and then pan seared some very thin stakes. I took a full loaf of bread that was a day old and sliced it in the middle lengthwise, making one very large sandwich. Removing much of the middle breading so that the food nestles in it, I then layered the meat with cheese then topped it with the onion mixture. I wrapped it up so that all the juices would be absorbed in the bread until we ate. And eat it they did. Many men in the stands wanted to know if I had made some for them.

The food and drink turned out a perfect addition to a wonderful evening with family cheering on a great athlete and his team…sorry to say his team lost but that did not diminish our being proud of him!

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  1. It was a great night. The food and hot chocolate was delicious. Thanks for all the hard work to fill our bellies and warm our inners. It was wonderful being with family, but the best part was watching my wonderful grandson, Ben, playing in the county playoff.
    I am so proud of him and all he has achieved.

    Love always,

  2. What a great picture! That looks like scrapbooking material if you ask me! 🙂
    xox Tracy

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