Ivan Day day

Sunday was mostly spent driving, but having another Historic Cook to talk to all the way made the drive go by fast. My friend, Katy, drove us up a little past Philadelphia to hear Ivan Day give a lecture. The Lecture was “High Status Dining in the 18th Century”.  What a fantastic lecture.  Ivan talked about how dinners were served and the service that was used.  In the lecture he talked about how the presentation of the table went from a masculine setting at the beginning of the 18th c, to a more feminine setting but the end of the century.  I had never equated the structural setting of the table to what was changing in the kitchen…it just never occurred to me.  I knew from researching that the kitchens of the rich and the receipt books were dominated by men up to the 18th century and that women began to have a prominent position in the cooking community as the 18th c. progressed, but visually seeing that change in the table settings was a light bulb moment…I love having those moments, it makes me realize that I am still learning and that excites me.  Ivan gave us a sneak peek of the “High Table” setting that he has worked on at the Bard College in New York City called “Fragile Diplomacy: The Diplomatic Gift in the Courts of Early Modern Europe (1710–1763)”, which opens on November 16 and runs through February.  I would love to go hear the Symposium that goes along with this display but alas I am unable for I have to get ready to make and cook sausage on Sunday at Riversdale.  Mmm sausage now there is something to blog about next time! 

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