Sunday Beautiful Sunday

I have to tell you that I was unsure how Sunday would be since it is getting a bit chilly and that when I went over to get the kitchen prepped on Friday, I couldn’t get a thing done since there was something going on that I had not been told about.  Needless to say I was worried that trying to cook all that we planned may not happen in the now 4 hours to work.  Luckily my husband road over with me to give aid to the prep time.  Also, cooking with a good friend like Valerie does make the day easier.

So our menu was as follows: Duck, brown rice,  creamed spinach, oyster patties, leek soup, pork pasties.  We hoped to make a mushroom sauce for the duck but ran out of time.

We began by stuffing the duck with sage (fresh from the garden) and onions.  Using good kitchen string, I trussed it and we hung roasted it to the right of the fire with a pan to catch all the grease.  We had to be diligent so to keep spinning the duck as it hung on the string.  I love cooking fowl this way…every time I cook a bird I string it up…clean up after is a breeze.  It took about 3 hours to cook, it would have gone faster using the Tin Kitchen but I hate to clean it.

We then started the Leek soup or it should really be Leek and potato soup.  Anyway, I took a slab of bacon and cut it up into 1″ pieces a 1/4 ” thick  and fried them rendering as much fat as I could.  Removing them we added sliced leeks and a small onion chopped and fried them till they were translucent.  We then added the potatoes and covered it all with chicken broth and boiled till soft.  Once that was done we mashed all as fine as we could then added thick cream. Done!

The spinach and the rice went on at the same time. The rice was cooked in beef broth (2 to 1 ratio), onion, and blade mace.  Both pots we placed on trivets with small fires under them.  And can I say running back and forth keeping two small fired going is not easy on the back…must think of getting a fire tender…just musing.  Once both completed boiling, the rice was done but the spinach was just beginning.  We tried to press the spinach through a sieve so as to puree it…no that didn’t work well, so we just chopped it all fine.  We added 2 eggs, nutmeg, cream and cheese.  Once mixed well we placed in the oval cast iron dish and baked.  2 more done!

We then were getting low on time but pressed on.  The apples were sliced and placed in a pan with cider, water, and wine.  Put on the fire to boil till soft.  We decided not to mash the apples once done but added to it butter, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  It was so good!

Now mind you some of these things started while doing others like the oyster patties.  Here I must confess that I cheated.  I pre-cooked the oysters so they would be ready to chop for the filling of the patties and I used already made puff pastry sheets.  I sometimes find shortcuts when I know I am not going to have a great deal of time.  So I cut the sheet of pastry into squares so they would fit well into the pans cups.  I then proofed them before stuffing them.  As they proofed, using the pre-cooked oysters, I chopped them fine added cream, pepper, nutmeg and lemon.  Once the pastries were ready, I put a piece of day old bread in the bottom, then I filled the cup, sprinkle with bread crumbs then baked.

The last thing we made for the day was the pork pasties.  This is one of the easiest things I make that Valerie likes.  I usually make it as a full pie but with time so short, thought a couple of pasties would be easier to bake.  I rolled out the dough and cut it into circles filling each with a layering as: slice of onion, slice of pork, slice of tart apple and a piece of butter.  Closed it up with egg yolk and folding over the edge.  Then baked in the biscuit oven which took all of 10 minutes.

We had many visitors that hoped they would be the ones enjoying it all this for their diner.  But I take it all home and my family has it for their dinner but not before Valerie and I tried everything except the oyster patties and the duck.

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  1. Your blog makes me so hungry!!! The food sounds great! Mom Mom told me they were planning on enjoying the leftovers! I’m glad everything turned out great! xox

  2. Gosh Dory, that all looks so good! And to think nothing burned!!! I’d eat it any day. So when can we make scones on the stones?


  3. Thanks for a wonderful day. We always enjoy watching you cook and learning about 18th century foods. The food was delicious. Our favorites were the leek/potato soup, duck, spinach, and apples. You amaze us with your cooking knowledge.

    Love always,
    Dad & Mom

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