Grill’s other uses?

Well, I decided to try and cook on my grill that is doing something other then grilling meat. I just wanted to see what if frying or baking can be done, that way that if I run out of hard wood for cooking I have an alternative source to cook with other then just soft wood. Found that if I close the lid with a cast iron griddle or pan inside that it would get hot enough to do a quick fry but did not stay hot enough to continue with a lot of meat. Here’s what happened:

So, I decided to try and lightly fry thin fillets of chicken, dusted with flour mixed with salt, pepper and paprika. I fried it in butter with vegetable oil. The oil keeps the butter from burning. I did this in my well seasoned medium cast Iron skillet.

So, I heated approximately 1/4 cup of butter with oil approximately 2T. I had 2 lb. of chicken. I heated up the skillet in a closed grill then lightly fried each side of the chicken fillet (app. 30 sec. on each side or till lightly brown). Well, I found that I had to heat up the skillet twice more before all the fillets were done…not very efficient. Once all the meat was browned, I then put in about a 1/4 cup of wine to de-glaze the skillet, then threw in some sliced mushrooms and 1/4 cup chicken broth. On top of that I layered the browned chicken fillets, placed a lid on the skillet, then closed the grill lid and allowed it all to bake for 15 minutes. Turned out lovely…family ate it all up.

Conclusion: my hopes of using the grill to fry things…not a replacement for a direct fire source…but not a bad replacement for baking.

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  1. Isn’t blogging fun! I’m so glad your posting! You are going to have to teach me how to cook!! Right now I’m pretty good with sticking frozen food into the oven 🙂 I need to venture to the grilling/skillet world too!

    xox Tracy

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